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Alternative Energy - Tanzania

MasterVolta Tanzania Ltd specialises in solar and wind power systems, products and accessories for on-grid and off-grid power systems. We have extensive experience of designing and installing a wide range of solar and wind power systems of all sizes. From domestic / residential homes, offices, small industries, open spaces - see our solar PV tracking systems - to commercial and industrial applications, our expertise is second to none.

We also design and install Off-grid power systems from small scale systems for boats, yachts, motor homes to much larger scale systems for homes and business applications with or without the requirement for backup diesel generators. Our remote off-grid power systems include: water pumping and water treatment systems, broadband router power supplies, CCTV, solar street lighting, solar bollards and more besides.

We are available to provide you with support and are able to design a grid-connected or off-grid Solar PV system that meets your exact needs.

MasterVolta Tanzania Ltd is very different from its competitors. With us you get to speak to real people that care about what they do as well as having the skills and expertise to support a range of projects and customers. We know you've heard this story before, so go on and drop us an email or pick up the phone and call: +255658332604, We won't let you down.

MasterVolta Tanzania Ltd prides itself of having extensive knowledge of all products listed on our web site and we make a guarantee that whether you buy from us or not we will always be available for advice and support.

Established 2010, we are able to support our worldwide customers from our office and workshop in Tanzania.

We are an ….. accredited and registered solar PV micro-generation company,: thus enabling our solar PV clients to receive the feed-in-tariff. We are also a full member of ….. and are approved for all Electrical Installations including: domestic, commercial and industrial.