About MasterVolta Tanzania

Alternative Energy - Tanzania

MasterVolta Tanzania Ltd is an alternative energy company. Our services include commercial, residential, and large scale projects. As a manufacturer, importer and supplier of wind turbines, solar, and LED lighting products, we specialize in alternative energy assessments, product recommendations, project consulting, and product integration in the alternative energy industry.

We provide services for new builds, renovations, wind farms; commercial businesses, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, municipal infrastructure and health care facilities, wind farm developments, farming, residential and rural homes, and cottages.

If you are looking for solar panels, solar regulators, wind generators, deep cycle batteries, power inverters, solar pumps, mounting frames, accessories, towers, solar, wind or hybrid remote area or grid-interactive power systems, Earth Wind And Power, LLC has the products and expertise you need.

Our mission is to provide sustainable power generation that benefits the public and the environment. We want to educate the public on the many alternative energy products that are available to them.